Are You Reaching Your Goals? Ask These Four Questions to Gauge Career Happiness

There are many metrics to evaluate when determining what jobs to pursue. One of the most common among individuals is prioritizing career happiness.

Do I enjoy going to work every day? Do I get along with my coworkers? Does this fulfill my passion? Is this an industry I’m interested in? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” it’s likely time to assess your level of happiness in your current career. 

Continue reading for tips on what to do when you aren’t happy with your job.

How to Assess Career Happiness

For more than half of our lives, most people work 40 hours nearly every week. When we’re spending that much time working, it’s crucial that we feel happy and fulfilled by the work we are doing. Ask yourself the following questions to assess your level of career happiness.

1. Do I Care About the Work I Am Doing?

Be cognizant of how you feel regarding your job during the day. If you constantly hear a voice in your head saying, “I don’t care whether this project ends well,” or “I don’t care if my work has spelling and grammar errors,” that should be your first sign that there’s a problem. 

You should also write down the tasks you work on frequently and rate them from 1 to 10 based on your enjoyment level. If your ratings are eight and above, awesome! If most of your ratings fall below that, it may be time to reevaluate your current career path.

At Inova Staffing, our mission is to help you find a career where you care about the work you produce day in and day out. 

2. Do I Feel Appreciated by My Coworkers?

As humans, unconditional acceptance is important for our happiness—and that rings true more than ever in the workplace. Suppose your relationships with colleagues feel disingenuous, or you feel like they don’t appreciate your presence or the work you put in. In that case, this could affect your ability to reach your goals, as workplace culture is one of the leading factors in job stability. 

Even more, the number one reason people leave their jobs is because of their boss. It’s important to ask yourself how you feel about the individuals leading you and your team. Are you learning from them? Can you trust them? Do you feel comfortable around them? Having a supportive and encouraging boss can be a game-changer for career happiness. 

The specialists at Inova Staffing do their due diligence to find a career where you can fit in and feel appreciated while enjoying your work.

3. Do I Like What I Do at Work Daily?

We all have a bad week now and again, but while it may be a bad week, it’s not a bad life. If you’re constantly feeling drained and frustrated, it may indicate that you are not enjoying the type of work you do. 

When you realize your work results in burnout, it might be time to step away for a bit—whether in the form of a vacation or staycation. The key is to disconnect for at least a week or two. Often, individuals don’t plan their vacations strategically, which doesn’t allow our brains the proper rest it needs. 

You may also need to consider if changing roles would make you happier. Inova Staffing can help take your strengths and interests to find a job fit for you—we ensure your talents are recognized and appreciated. 

4. How Intense Are My Sunday Scaries?

While it’s common to dread the end of the weekend, when that feeling becomes anxiety or even nausea, experts say this is the time to analyze what’s triggering this. 

Whether you’re feeling sad because that short stretch of the weekend is over or you’re feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of a new week closing in, you likely have a case of what some like to call the “Sunday scaries.” Common signs of the Sunday scaries include:

  • A racing heartbeat 
  • Sweating  
  • Difficulty breathing 
  • Trembling
  • Upset stomach 
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Headache 

If you’re experiencing any of the above every time Sunday rolls around, your career happiness is likely at an all-time low. But don’t worry; a solution isn’t too far away—Inova Staffing can help find you a job that you look forward to daily.

What To Do if You Aren’t Happy at Your Job

Starting a job search can be dreadful. So, if you’re willing to try a few solutions to remedy your discontent, implement these tips:

  • Practice mindfulness
  • Find work-life balance
  • Personalize your workspace
  • Take a break 
  • Seek mentorship 
  • Stay positive

If you’ve exhausted the above list and are still unhappy with your current career, it may be time to explore alternative employment—something Inova Staffing can help you with. Start by brainstorming a list of items you want to prioritize during the job search process. It’s best to stay flexible about factors that affect your happiness less. 

Check in with your professional network as well so you can always be aware of new opportunities that fit your key happiness elements. 

Ways to Assess Employee Happiness

As an employer, it’s important to ensure your staff is happy working for you—this shows their professional and personal well-being are top of mind for you. Some key factors in assessing employee happiness are as follows:

  • Productivity. What is the motivation level of your employees? Are efficiencies low? 
  • Enjoyment. Do your employees seem happy during work meetings? Are they contributing to and enjoying conversations?
  • Work-life balance. Do your employees need help finding a good balance between their workload and their personal life? 
  • Health. Do your employees seem constantly stressed and overwhelmed? Is their work affecting their mental health and well-being?

If you see one of your employees struggling with these four components, consider setting up a one-on-one meeting to check-in. Also, consider incorporating quarterly check-in surveys for the entire team that is anonymous so everyone has the opportunity to express any gratitude and concerns they may have.

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