Land the Interview, Get the Offer and Improve Your Career with Our Quick and Easy Resume Tips

You'll want to deliver the right first impression if you believe you've found your next career move. After all, a resume is a gateway to an invitation for an interview. Without a stellar resume, employers may overlook even the best candidates.

To stand out from the crowd, consider building a resume that highlights your job skills, achievements, education, and personality in a professional way. 

At Inova Staffing, we've identified four key characteristics of a desirable resume. These characteristics include

  1. Longevity to demonstrate your commitment to a current or previous job.
  2. Clarity when describing the responsibilities you’ve held or the skills you have.
  3. Attention to Detail as you include contact information and other important details.
  4. Proper formatting to indicate you put in the time and effort necessary.

In addition to these characteristics, including your soft skills within your resume will give a hiring manager a unique perspective on your past experiences. If you're looking for help setting up your resume with the pertinent facts, we've created a free resource, now available to job seekers.

Tips for a Stand-Out Resume

Have you considered your resume to be your first impression when applying for a job? 

Of course, many people worry about impressing employers during an interview, which is equally important, but consider this: your resume determines whether or not you even land that first interview.

Some job postings won't require you to upload a resume, but we're here to tell you—do it anyway! Your resume is a virtual handshake, your proverbial "elevator pitch." Don't miss this opportunity to show employers just how great you are!

Here are a few tips for a stand-out resume, courtesy of the Inova Staffing team:

  1. "Including a bit of personality in your resume, even something simple like humor can help candidates stand out." -Christa
  2. "Too many job skills can be overwhelming to look at. I'd prefer to see fewer skills that are closely aligned with the positions or industry a candidate is interested in." -Alexandra
  3. "By only including the last 7-10 years of relevant experience, you can keep your resume to an acceptable length. I prefer one page, but up to two can be appropriate." -Jody

Our exclusive How to Get the Job ebook contains even more tips for a stand-out resume. You can download your free copy today.

What Happens After I Submit My Resume?

After submitting your resume, watch your inbox for an interview invitation! Once the date is on your calendar, prepare for your interview by considering some of your strengths and weaknesses, especially those related to the position you’re applying for. Then, give thought to why the company should hire you

Take a moment to reflect on your current or former position—what do you hope to gain from this new opportunity? 

When you head into your interview, you'll want to put together questions to ask the hiring team. But, of course, they'll also ask you questions, so be sure you've prepared yourself. Whether you role-play with a trusted advisor or read up on the company, preparation is vital. Our online resources include interview tips as part of our series on Common Interview Questions Explained.

At Inova Staffing, we're committed to supporting your hiring experience every step of the way. In addition to providing helpful tips on crafting your resume, we've compiled the standard interview questions and example answers for you in our ebook.

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